Developer Policy

1. **Content Guidelines:**
   - All submitted apps must adhere to legal and ethical standards.
   - Content that promotes violence, hate speech, discrimination, or illegal activities will not be accepted.
   - Apps must not contain any malicious code, viruses, or harmful elements that could compromise user security or privacy.

2. **Quality Standards:**
   - Apps should be stable, functional, and provide a positive user experience.
   - User interface design should be intuitive and responsive.
   - Apps should not excessively drain device resources or interfere with the performance of other apps.

3. **Intellectual Property Rights:**
   - Developers must ensure they have the necessary rights to distribute all content included in their apps.
   - Apps must not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights, trademarks, or patents.

4. **Privacy and Data Protection:**
   - Developers must clearly disclose their data collection and usage practices to users.
   - Apps must obtain user consent before collecting any personal or sensitive information.
   - Developers should implement appropriate security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

5. **Monetization and Advertising:**
   - Apps may include in-app purchases, subscriptions, or advertisements, but these must be clearly disclosed to users.
   - Ads should be clearly distinguishable from app content and should not interfere with the user experience.
   - Developers should not engage in deceptive or misleading advertising practices.

6. **Compliance with App Store Policies:**
   - Apps must comply with all Tezas AppStore policies and guidelines, including those related to app submission, updates, and distribution.
   - Developers should promptly address any issues or violations identified by the Tezas AppStore team.

7. **Support and Maintenance:**
   - Developers are responsible for providing ongoing support and maintenance for their apps, including bug fixes and compatibility updates.
   - Apps should be regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest operating system versions and devices.

8. **Community Guidelines:**
   - Developers should engage with the Tezas AppStore community in a respectful and constructive manner.
   - Feedback and suggestions from users should be taken into consideration for future app improvements.

By adhering to these developer policies, developers can ensure the quality, integrity, and security of their apps on the Tezas AppStore.
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